1998 Incorporation transition to Seagero Co., Ltd.
1998~2007 Constructed a steel-based mobile partition production line
Constructed a new factory and transferred and integrated factories 1 and 2(Namdong Industrial Complex, Incheon)
Acquired certificates for ISO 9001(quality management system)
Selected as a blue chip company
Signed MAS with Public Procurement Service
Exhibition Awarded at KOFURN(KBIZ)
Office partition panel bolt (Patent No.: 20-0404273)
Acquired Certificate of Korea Eco Label
Signed 3rd Party Agreement(partition)
2008 Acquired INNO-BIZ Certificate(SMBA)
Acquired MAIN-BIZ Certificate(SMBA)
Acquired Quality Assurance(Q Mark)
Established company-affiliated research center(KOITA)
Acquired Venture Company Certification(No. 2012 0201765) : KIBO
~2017, the present Acquired Vision Company Certification
Designated as Good Design(GD) : KIDP
Partition connector( Patent No. 10-1225600)
Group Standard Certification(partition, SPC-KFS-G2002) KFFIC
Acquired KS Certificate for office chair(KS G4215)
Certificate of Korea Eco Label(145 Partitions) KEITI
Partition designated as an excellent product(no. 2014087) Public Procurement Service
Excellent Performance Certification is acquired for the first time in Panel Manufacturer (SMBA)